My Writing and the Zeitgeist

by davebarclay1954

Another like minded individual and together all our voices become louder, we speak in whispers but gain strength from others and before long we are shouting against greed, injustice and war. There has to be a different way forward before our humanity disappears forever.

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My Writing and the Zeitgeist

I want to change the world for the better with my writing. I am an idealist. I want to communicate with people and raise sensibilities to create a harmonious, tolerant world. I wish to put an end to war and the rape of the planet. I want to change the culture from one of thoughtless greed and selfishness to one of caring and creating.

This is something I have been doing all my life in one form or another.

It is alright. I am not completely barking mad. Far from it.

I do not believe that I can work miracles. Neither do I believe that the world can be changed overnight. It is a slow process.

My mum used to say ‘it takes all sorts of people to make the world go round’.

She was right. There are miserable people and blissfully happy people, evil…

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