Imagine there’s no countries no religion too.

by davebarclay1954

The job I’m doing now means I come into (telephone) contact with people from all areas of the country. Some British, some European, some from the Commonwealth and everyone has an issue they need some advice and help with.

The job means that I am in a rather unique position giving these people advice, pointing them to other people who can help them when their need is urgent and offer a shoulder for a little while. When people leave me I never know how they get on, but I hope that where I have to point them elsewhere because they need help now, find that help and their lives have been helped by me. Even in a small way.

Anyway, here is todays song with a cover version by the guitarist I’ve admired since 1973, a vocalist I’ve been a fan of since 1970 and the songwriter I’ve loved since I first became aware of The Beatles way back in 1963, John Lennon. Brian May and Paul Rodgers was a match made in Heaven while not as flamboyant as Freddie Mercury (and missing John Deacon) this was a good match for Queen. Video is taken from YouTube and I do not own the copyright. Enjoy.