Once there was a way to get back homeward

Once there was a way to get back home, sleep gently Bradley don’t you cry.

Last Friday, after a 6 year battle with Cancer, Bradley Lowery (age 6) died and will be buried this week. When I look around and see all the pointless violence and disgusting acts going on all around this planet it almost brings me to tears. Then someone loses a battle with a disease we are so close to defeating and that does make the tears come. Especially when that someone is so young and dies before having a chance to live.

There are still so many people affected by cancer, even though they don’t have that illness themselves, than those who die from it. Bradley’s parents spent a lot of time making memories with him and that is now all they have. He will not be forgotten as he has touched so many people across this country and into the world at large. He always had a smile for all who showed him love and gave everyone love, even those he never met. There was a huge amount of love going to his family from everyone I know, I was lucky to have met him at a few family events over the years and he was definitely a fighter who tried to cram a lifetime into everyday. Yes he was often weak, often in pain and suffering terribly, but if you talked to him and saw him smile at you then you didn’t feel pity for him – only love and the desire to take his pain away from him (even if you only did it for a week or a month).

I know his parents probably won’t read this but, if they did, I’d just like to say that time doesn’t heal the pain, it merely makes it easier to remember the good times and put the bad to one side. Bradley was too young to die, but I’m sure he went without showing any pain, with a smile on his face, the pure angelic face of an innocent child. Why am I so sure of this? Because he cared what others were feeling, young as he was and he always put on a brave face with a huge smile no matter how bad his pain was. He loved life and we loved him. Sleep tight Bradley and I hope you continue to enjoy your new freedom and continue without pain.