All you need is Love

by davebarclay1954

Following on from the recent cowardly attacks by “Muslim” militants, it has become clear that a British man has followed suit and cowardly attacked a group of Muslims outside a Mosque in London. This escalation has to stop before it gets out of hand and honest decent hard working people are right to feel outrage because of all these terror attacks.

Any attack against the citizens of this country is an attack against every single one of us. I make no bones about condemning this incident as I did every other terror attack in Manchester and London. We have to unite to make sure the escalation stops and innocent people are protected, regardless of their religious beliefs and the colour of their skin. This is part of what makes this such a terrific country to live in, our humanity and love for our neighbours is second to none. Any attack against one of our citizens is an attack on us all, we have become very strong by reacting to violence although some would see our compassion as weakness, we know it is a strength.

If we continue along this path (choosing our enemies by the traits that makes them different) then we are no better than savages, who choose to fight by instinct in order to survive. However, if we choose to embrace our neighbours and fight to protect everyone living peacefully in this country then that makes us stronger than our enemies who hide in plain sight because they are too frightened to wear a uniform and stand out among us. Any act of terror threatens everyone of us and we have to unite behind the law enforcing bodies to prove that any terrorist act, regardless of who perpetrates it, will be dealt with to the full extent of the laws governing everyone in this country.

I add my condolences to those affected by the terror attacks to the others they have already received. I stand shoulder to shoulder with every law abiding citizen of this great and united kingdom of ours. If we remain united in condemnation of all acts of terror then together we remain strong, undefeated and unbowed by conflict, and this will continue.