I started a joke that had the whole world laughing

by davebarclay1954

In all seriousness, dear reader, I have noticed that I have attracted more readers to this humble blog. I have noticed that several of them are black and I would like to express my eternal gratitude that they have been blessed with the same non-racial expressions as myself. I don’t consider myself white (I may be white skinned but I am not white). I am a human being and as such feel that I can condemn the actions of the few as long as I only offend those people and not the rest of society then I have achieved everything I’ve set out to do.

There are people being stabbed, shot, killed all over the planet and yet some of our leaders still insist this is not world war 3 (Drumpf for one). Wake up people, while the first two world wars started in Europe before spreading outwards, this one started in the USA on September 11, 2001. Since then we have been trying to ride the wind and fight an enemy who chooses to stay hidden in plain sight. They refuse to wear a uniform and fight openly, because they are cowards.

They claim to follow Islam but the Qoran preaches peace and love, The Bible also preaches peace and love yet Christians have fought religious wars for centuries. The time to stop the spread of hatred is now. Fear breeds violence and hatred so isn’t it about time we stood up for peace, love and tolerance? If there is a God somewhere He knows what is happening and if we don’t stop it soon will he destroy this planet to stop us doing that ourselves?

If there is a God then why doesn’t he talk to anyone today? If you believe the stories in the Bible and Scriptures, he used to talk to people 2000 years ago. Or is that all just one huge lie? Does God really only exist in the minds of His followers? I really don’t have any more answers than those men who preach to dwindling congregations, if you do then where did you get your information? If God gave us free will then we have the right to stop violence, we have a duty to protect this planet from those who will destroy it. We have to protect our children and leave them something to sustain them when we have gone.

To paraphrase a truly great man of peace who was killed on the steps of his home building on 8 December 1980, Imagine there’s no country, nothing to kill or die for and no religion too. If we are tolerant of others it makes us stronger, not weaker. If we love our neighbours and would die to protect our community that makes us stronger not weaker. There is strength in numbers but that isn’t the strength I am talking about. I am talking about the strength from our humanity, if we learn all we can about our neighbours and teach them about us, wouldn’t that be better than shouting at them or fighting them?

What do you think would stop the violence? Stop the spread of evil across this entire planet? I, personally, believe that our best defence is our humanity, our love for one another and respect for each other that will help us all to sleep at night (although sleep is over rated somewhat).