Hello Mrs Jones, how’s your Bert’s lumbago?

by davebarclay1954

With all the cowardly attacks going on at the moment, I heard about a post on Facebook from an ex-military person. He (or it may have been she) offered the services of those who have served to protect our cities. While I wouldn’t condone the action suggested (they wanted guns and ammunition for these older people) it struck me that others feel as I do.

I am ex-Navy and would willingly give my life to save others, however, my eyes are shot so I wouldn’t feel safe with a gun. A vest and nightstick (baton) would be enough to protect me from a knife and standing up to these cowards may well be enough to allow others to escape the attack. I am willing to die protecting others, with that in mind, I’m not alone and others would also be willing, apparently.

Whoever wins today should bear that in mind when they think about the state of the world and how best to protect ourselves from attack. More police marksmen, more armed police and an increased presence from the army and marines is good, there are some amongst us who will jump in as well to help out because these cowards will not steal our freedom. They will not win because they cannot win, terror has never worked in Europe and will never work, to subjugate our people.

These cowards may call themselves Muslims, but they’re not. They call themselves terrorists, but they don’t scare us. They shall never prevail as long as we stand united as one to prevent this World War escalating to Nuclear Holocaust.