Here we all are sittin’ in a rainbow

by davebarclay1954

Once again the cowards have struck in London, breaking news cowards: We are well aware you ARE NOT following the teachings of any religion on this planet. The most well respected Muslim of our generation refused to go to Vietnam on religious grounds because killing was against the religion of Islam. He fought for his beliefs every day and suffered injustice in his home country of America, yet he refused to go and fight for the country he loved because that was against his religion. He suffered segregation, violations of his human rights (just the same as you are attempting to do now – denying us the basic human right of freedom of movement and speech). We will not give in to you, or any other coward – after all we fought two world wars which started in Europe against stronger enemies than you – and won.

If you think these cowardly attacks will turn us against good Muslims you are very much mistaken. We know better than to allow you to turn us against honest god (whatever name you give Him) fearing people who want to live in peace amongst us and will never turn to violence towards the rest of their community. We are a tolerant people but don’t mistake that for cowardice, you are the only cowards here today. Killing innocent people while they enjoy themselves will only strengthen our will to fight. You claim to be soldiers fighting a just war against the infidel so make yourselves known by wearing a uniform and fighting against our armies.

I know, as do all the people you target throughout the world, you won’t do this as it will remove the element of surprise from your attacks. The element of surprise is what makes you cowards. Hiding in cars and vans to begin your attacks of hatred then cutting people down after you have hit them with the cars or vans to slow them down. Show yourselves for the cowards you are and hide in plain sight, keep doing what you have started and we will become more vigilant and our armies will hunt you down and then you will have a choice to fight against those trained to kill or surrender. If you surrender then you will be sentenced for your crimes and if you are killed don’t expect a Heaven full of virgins for your pleasure because if you believe any religious teachings you will not be going to Heaven but you will end up in Hell suffering for your crimes against humanity. You better hope that neither Hell or Heaven exist and when we die that’s it story over. But, somehow I don’t believe that is the end. I may not be a Christian or a Muslim but I was brought up a Catholic and didn’t like the fighting caused by religion which is why I no longer follow any set religion but try to live my life full of love for everyone, regardless of which religion they follow or how evil they may actually be.