It was 20 years ago today

by davebarclay1954

Good morning good morning good morning aah.

Nothing to do…

Yes, last Friday saw the latest remaster of THE classic 1967 album which brought psychedelia into the mainstream consciousness, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The thing I can’t wrap my head around is two fold: 1. How much money do The Beatles want to make from us fans? I take it they don’t still get paid peanuts from every album that’s sold. 2. How much do EMI/Parlophone/Apple Corp want to rip from us?

In 1967 I bought this album in mono (actually it was bought for me but let’s not split hairs). In 1970, before the split I bought the album again, this time in stereo and paid for it myself. I also bought the white album at the same time in 1970 in stereo having already bought it in 1968. Then in 1974 when I bought a new stereo with a twin tape deck I bought both these albums and Revolver on cassette, so that was 2 copies of Revolver (vinyl and cassette) and 3 copies each of Sgt Pepper and The Beatles (vinyl stereo and mono editions and then cassette editions).

In 1985 I bought a cd player to add to my stereo and then replaced every Beatles album with the cd edition when it was released in the 1980’s. In 2005 I bought Sgt Pepper on cd as it was remastered, but it didn’t sound any different to the original cd I bought in 1987. I then bought it again when it was remastered in 2013, again no bonus tracks. I wanted to buy it last week in the 6 disc box set but that has proved impossible owing to the fact I don’t have a job at the moment and nothing in the pipeline.

The price of the 6 disc is also way over the top at £109.99 plus p&p, given that I have already spent almost that amount on this album over the years surely I could be given a discount (I won’t hold my breath). The only reason I am prepared to buy this album again (only on the 6 disc version mind) is because of all the outtakes included and the blu-ray disc of the making of and the Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields promo films made in 1967, which have been restored. I know the box set has the DVD as well but why should I pay for a version I would only watch on my laptop occassionally because the blu-ray player is much better to watch on the bigger (50inch) screen.

If Paul or Ritchie see this and can make me an offer I can’t refuse (preferably a job but I won’t be disappointed if they don’t as I’d have rather worked for John or George) I would be very grateful. Maybe I should tweet the link to this post to them both 🙂 and see what happens. That’s my “rant” over for this week, thank you for reading and I will be publishing a new chapter for 1968 soon.