Sitting on a cornflake

by davebarclay1954

Waiting for the van to come…

Last night there was a horrible attack on the youth of this warm and pleasant country which has prompted the usual outpouring against an entire religion but I hope no-one listens to this rhetoric. Islam (the religion not the atheist bastards claiming it for their terrorist activities) is a religion of peace. The cowardly “soldiers” who purport to be followers as a reason for terrorist acts, are just that – COWARDS.

If they truly were soldiers they would wear uniforms and we’d all know exactly who they are but they don’t they hide among us, plotting bombs and guns to cause as many civilian casualties as they possibly can in order to stir up the kind of hatred which will give them more followers. That’s why we cannot allow this to happen, they are a minority and they do not follow any recognised peaceful religion, ask any Muslim if they support acts of terror and, if they say no and tell the truth then they are the ones who will lose should the terrorists win.

Our thoughts, prayers and sympathy goes to those youngsters wounded in last nights attack, the dead are beyond our help but hopefully they have been welcomed into the spiritual world as the martyrs they are. Terrorists must be hoping there isn’t a hell because if there is then the virgins they were promised will all be devils and they will truly understand what absolute terror is. Apparently the culprit behind the bombing died when taking his own life and those innocents around him, if these cowards want to die why not do it in private? They are not martyrs they are criminals and if found deserve no sympathy for anything that happens to them in jail before trial and after they are found guilty may they continue to suffer in the knowledge that they are nothing but cowards and criminals.