Everybody’s smoking but no-ones getting high

by davebarclay1954



Following on from my thoughts to a friend post the other day, I thought I’d let you know, dear reader, that I have heard from my friend and he’s back in hospital once more (that’s why he hadn’t been in touch).

Anyhoo, update over and I’ll continue with this post now. Our nightmare neighbours moved out about 4 weeks ago and the week after someone else moved in who, interestingly enough, makes less noise but is annoying in other ways. The people who moved out had 3 dogs which never went for walks and the yard we share was never cleaned. They left do mess all over the yard when they left which has now been cleaned up. They smoked in the yard (almost exclusively) which meant that I never had to put up with the flat smelling like a smoker’s den. (Yes that was the inspiration behind this title) the new neighbour and his partner smoke and this flat always smells as though I’ve started smoking again (I haven’t).

They have a dog and don’t clean up after it straight away but there is less dog mess from one than there was with 3 and they do clean up at least once a day.


I thought I’d include the video of Nobody Told Me in this post from you tube.