Corporation T-Shirt Stupid Bloody Tuesday

by davebarclay1954

For those who are maybe not familiar with my interim posts having lyrical titles this one is from a 1967 song featured in the Paul McCartney film “Magical Mystery Tour” and was mainly written by his good friend John Lennon although he did share the credit and royalties. The reason for this is two fold: First – I recently published on here Chapter 4 (1967) of my life history and Thirdly I have been thinking about two of my heroes who I would have liked to see live but never will as they are both dead.

I was originally going to name this post “Sitting on a corn flake” but thought that may have been missed by the majority. Anyway, to stop mithering and get to the point of this post (yes this one does have a point) I wanted to say that things were looking good for me until yesterday (Monday 1 May 2017). I was applying for jobs and getting a few interviews (sadly none developed into firm job offers but hey at least I was getting experience of interviews again).

Last Thursday was my birthday and I signed into my emails full of hope and expectation but every job that took my interest had already been applied for, then I got 4 rejections one after the other from 4 different companies within the same minute of the morning. As you can imagine one was bad enough, 2 I may have coped with but 4? Anyhoo I flipped and went spiralling off into the black hole that encumbers me from time to time (happily not so much now as it used to). I went out for a walk after posting on my dole page that I had received 4 rejections so would not be doing any further job searches that day.

When I came back to the flat I decided I was going to have another look at the job sites I’m registered with and there I found another 4 jobs to apply for to counter the 4 rejections. I didn’t sign into my emails and, therefore, missed a 5th job. I decided to keep going and not give in to the darkness this time. The walk definitely helped to clear my head and give me something positive to look forward to.

After this I was feeling more positive and looked on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but nothing came up that I hadn’t already applied for. Yesterday morning I found another 3 positions to try for and this time I’m not expecting anything positive like an interview to come out of them but you never know, do you? Today was also the first time I opened my emails since Thursday hence that job opportunity I missed, but you can’t have everything can you? Everything happens for a reason and I’m sure life is trying to kick me in the teeth while I’m down (as it always does to me).

In order to cheer myself up (and also because it was my birthday not so very long ago) I decided to treat myself to a turntable so I could take it up to my brother next time I visit but didn’t see one I liked (I did see a few which would convert the tracks into mp3 files so he could have sent them to me via email). The vinyl albums he has turned up a few years ago when my dad was having a clear out (before he became too ill to move around up stairs – or even make it upstairs). They were albums I bought before getting married for the first time so are things like Bob Dylan, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, James Taylor and The Beatles (another link to the title).

I think I managed to replace them all on cassette and cd anyway so I’m not desperate for them but it would have been good to hear them again after all these years. Especially on vinyl.

Anyway, back to the original point I was trying to make to everyone following me who occasionally feels the same as I do (depressed to the point of suicide) to let them know that if they take some time out to exercise (even just going out for a walk around the block or, as I did, further afield) can help to lighten the mood and leave you feeling a little more positive. What works for one may not work for everyone but give it a try and see if it will work for you. After all what have you got to lose?