A huge SHOUT OUT with thanks

by davebarclay1954

OK my dear friends, I’ve wallowed long enough in a state of depression. A huge thank you to everyone who commented on my last couple of posts and especially to the following:

Lucy Brazier https://portergirl.com/

Laurel Wolfe https://myjourneyintodarkness.wordpress.com/

Tikeetha T. https://athomaspointofview.com/

Rabbitpatchdiary https://rabbitpatchdiary.com/

Nyssa the Hobbit https://nyssashobbithole.com/wordpress/

Anne Mehrling https://amehrling.com/

and John Howell https://johnwhowell.com/

Your kindness and well wishes have really helped me to come to terms with not only losing my job and self-respect but also with the loss of my 4th marriage.

For those who are still unaware, I have a mental illness which means that I take everything to heart and while the good things lift me to a manic state, bad things (which everyone goes through from time to time) affect me so badly I feel suicidal and really can’t face getting out of bed in the mornings.

Anyway, increased medication for a brief period was enough to get me back on track, lots of jobs out there so I’m applying like crazy for everything. I will, of course, keep you all informed of anything that comes up for me. With less than 3 years to my pension though I’m not hopeful that I will find anything else but have to keep hoping or else the blackness will be back to haunt me.

Watch this space for further developments and, who knows I may even get the next Chapter of my memoirs finished (I’m part way through 1967 which was the year I became sexually aware and active). Because of the fact that there will be sex acts described in this I feel it won’t be suitable for a general release – only for the over 18’s. Funny how when things are bad, thoughts turn to sex…

If you are one of the others who helped me through the black days and I haven’t mentioned you above, apologies, but the ones mentioned above took time to leave me feedback and have a conversation with me. However, thank you to everyone who took time out to pray for me, offer solace and advice as you all helped in small or large ways.

I really am grateful to all the friends I have found here, the people who count me as a friend won’t be let down by trusting me. Anyway, enough for now but as I said I’m back and ready to go with the next chapter. Life is a bitch, we’ve finished our news, homo-sapiens have outgrown their use, all the strangers came today and it looks as though they’re here to stay. Oh you pretty things don’t you know you’re driving your mama’s and papa’s insane.