Why was I surprised?

by davebarclay1954

I had a meeting at work yesterday to confirm what I already knew (I am being let go – made redundant – surplus to requirements) at the end of March. I was also given a statement of how much my redundancy package would be worth, while I wasn’t expecting a fortune the redundancy part was as I expected (a pittance) but I thought 12 weeks PILON would have made it enough to tide me over for a couple of months, however, the figure for PILON is equivalent to 1 months salary less tax. How does that equate to 12 weeks – which is almost 3 months?

I shouldn’t really be surprised by that, after all I was promised that my salary would increase annually and the initial increase would be 6 months after starting. That never did happen. Morale within the company has gone through the floor and the majority of our customers can’t wait for their contracts to be up so that they can go elsewhere as the service they are paying for is far less than that they were receiving 12-18 months ago.

If the staff are treated badly, then the company can’t expect them to give a continuously brilliant level of service to the customers. Case in point, DWP have been really spectactularly overjoyed at the level of service my team has provided to them. The team is already 33% below the level it was at a year ago. The team now can almost provide the daily, weekly and monthly reports on the usage of our service, after I leave there will not be the level of staff to cover the daily operational period of 07:00-17:00 as well as out of hours support. The way it works currently, if someone is called out and spends two or three hours on that call out they cut back on their working day by an equal amount.

That works because there are still two of us to cover the incident queue and monitor the servers. Once I’ve gone at the end of March there will be two to cover everything, including out of hours support and with major upgrades due to go in between now and the end of July that means no holidays and no time off even if they work 24/7 some weeks.

We all know that no-one can keep going indefinitely without sleep so it will be interesting to see if they ask me to go back just so they don’t have to train another newbie from scratch. (I won’t hold my breath though because knowing Enterprise Services (soon to become DXC Technology) they will continue to lay people off until they have no customers, no shareholders and no staff.

Image below courtesy of Terry Pratchett and Discworld.