Confusing no more

by davebarclay1954

Well, I had my first Compulsory Redundancy Meeting on Friday and that’s when I was officially told that my last day with the company will be 29 March 2017 although I will be paid up to the end of March.

Talk about a kick in the teeth, the reason behind this is: I am occupying a Technical Position as a Non-Technical candidate so my role is disappearing. What could be further from the truth, I have been building and programming computers since the dawn of the personal computer age (1988). True I don’t have a Microsoft or CISCO qualification as I never saw the need for them since they change every 3 months or so.

I have been helping others in my team to carry out their work and was going to help with the on-call rota so that the other two doing it permanently can get 1 week in 3 off. Then I find that one of them could be redundant as well, so doesn’t this get better? His “pool” is 6 big with only 1 going. If it’s him then I doubt if the person left will gladly forego his holidays to cover the work 24/7. No-one is allowed to work from home because when it was allowed a few abused the system.

Not my concern any more and I have been applying for anything at all to tide me over from the beginning of April until I retire in November 2019 (yes that’s right I get my wonderful state pension from the young age of 65 years 6months and a few days). I can’t afford to not work and will gladly take anything that isn’t offered on a zero hours contract. I do have bills to pay and no family to scrounge off. Plus, the person in charge of the team (manager, if you will) is giving us all this wonderful news and she is going to a new company in March when her role is taken in-house. She has therefore avoided all the stress caused by the “Work Force Management” proposals for Q2 (and final in FY17). From April those left move to a new company and will be in FY18.

As if the news of a redundancy pool wasn’t bad enough, to find out you’re the only one in yours and that your definitely finishing come March is a real eye-opener to find out the company you’ve been loyally supporting couldn’t give a flying one about you. Anyhoo, this could be my last post for a while as I am pushing myself to look everywhere for another job and apply for everything out there.