First month of the year

by davebarclay1954

Wow, where has the time gone? Here we are at the beginning of the last full week in January and New Year celebrations feel like yesterday!

Okay dokey, January 2017 saw the inauguration of the 45th POTUS, followed by women demonstrating against the misogynistic SOB. In other news I watched SNL reporting his first press interview and was amazed how much Alec Baldwin captured the personality, if not the shouting.

We had the first anniversary of the death of the Thin White Duke and I celebrated his life by watching the documentary “The Last Five Years”. Amazing insight into his battle against a disease which takes so many people every year. We have the minds necessary but they are only beginning to work together to understand the disease, how it grows and how to beat it. 

Can we just find it in each and everyone of us to come together learn about each other with love, help others out when they get into trouble and try to remove the reasons for war? The biggest of these is ignorance, but greed and hatred also play their part.

This ends us or we can come together and end it.