Troubling thoughts roaring through my brain

by davebarclay1954

I just saw my old job advertised and was thinking of applying for it again but really don’t want to go back and work for a company that didn’t appreciate my being different.

I used to keep getting into trouble for not apologising quickly enough to customers who called in with problems either with their broadband or with their mobile phones so I thought I would give you three scenes to think about and see which one gets your vote before I tell you which option I used to get told off for doing.

  1. Customer calls in and phone is answered by saying “Good (morning/afternoon/evening), my name is Dave. I’m sorry you’re having problems but I’m here to help you sort them out”
  2. Customer calls in and phone is answered professionally “Hello, you’re speaking to Dave how can I help you?” Then after finding out what the problem is the apology is given by referencing the issue.
  3. Customer calls in and phone is answered thus: “Hi I’m Dave, I’m here to help sort your problems out so I’m sorry that you’re having some issues right now. How can I help?”

I’ve used my name in all the scenes but there are only two I ever used, one of them I was told off for doing all the time and when I asked what I should be doing instead I was told to change to the other one. There were a few of my colleagues who did the third one but I would never dream of handling calls that way. Please leave your comments on all 3 and when I have enough answers I will tell you which I used and was told off for doing and which one I then went on to use. If enough ask I may even tell you which company I worked for.