It kind of hit me today…

by davebarclay1954

My world came crashing down around me 31 years ago last July when my mum died. 16 years ago I met my current wife’s mother who was every bit as endearing as my mum had been. She’d been fighting cancer for years when I first met her and also had type 2 diabetes. She never complained and I used to call round and sit with her for hours on my days off work. Lovely woman who had some fantastic memories of her time as a young girl living through WWII, and her time in the army after hostilities ended.

3 years ago today she died after her cancer had returned and spread through her bones into her entire body. Having lost my own mum I was able to offer support and comfort to my wife at this time and through the years since. It was hard for me as well, having lost my mum and then finding another who was just as kind only to lose her so soon after. Still my life has been so blessed having both of these women in it.

This is offered as hope to all those who have recently lost a parent, or have a terminally ill parent. Don’t beat yourself up because death is a part of life. If you are still around to grieve that is how it’s supposed to be. No parent should outlive their children, but it happens especially during war. Look back on all the times you spent together, whether long or short, and remember with love.

If you can remember more good times than bad then that helps the healing process, but in time the bad times fade and don’t feel as bad as they did. As long as you have good times to look back on you can remember fondly, smile and relive those good times to keep your parent alive in your mind.

Life goes on and memories fade but remember with love and enjoy again all the good times you had.