Thoughts from a troubled mind

by davebarclay1954

If you look around at the moment you can see trouble, war, hatred, bigotry and angry people everywhere. This is not where we should be going in the 21st century, we should be more tolerant of each other, respect that our views may not be 100% correct and also listen to others.

If we can accept that everyone is the same as us even though we are all unique and different then we can move away from the faults of the past and into a more enlightened and spiritual future.

Every one of us has the right to be treated with respect, regardless of gender, sexual preference or skin colour. If we move away from the idea that the white man is here to rule all other men and accept that women are our equals then we can forge a new world where everyone does what they can to make lives better.

There are people going hungry yet we can feed everyone on this planet, we grow enough crops, there are animals aplenty and there is no need for anyone to starve or go hungry. So why do they? Look around at the areas where there are people starving and you’ll find a war zone there. Look closely at those who are fighting those wars and you’ll see they are being fought for one or more of a few “beliefs”: Religion, race (so-called ethnic cleansing) or desire to own more land/hold on to land already won.

Isn’t it time we found a better way to settle differences without death and destruction? Working together we can clean up the war zones, make them habitable again, remove the hunger that follows war, lose ourselves to help others and, in doing this, we can create a planet and environment to be proud of.

If we can mass produce the de-salination plants which are powered by wave-generated electricity we can bring good wholesome water to everyone. If we can build solar farms in the deserts of the planet then we can power every home on the planet. Building wind farms under water (again powered by waves) will generate more electricity than building them above ground or water as wind is notoriously unpredictable. We can work together to cure all the ailments given the technological advancements happening around us over the last 10 years and they are still not showing any signs of abating soon.

Women and children should feel safe in their neighbourhoods, safe to play and learn, women shouldn’t be worried that dressing this way or that way is making them prey to the whims of men. Children should enjoy their childhood as it doesn’t last very long. Together we can achieve so much and the best person to do something should be the person tasked with doing that something.

I feel that we can achieve so much more working together as a species than working alone as separate nations. We can go on to dream, create and travel further if we can all work together and try to get a grip on our fears. We owe it to each other and this planet we call home to try and work things out, work together, everyone equally committed to helping others and being the best citizens they can be. If we help others then we feel good about ourselves and it shows in our attitude and demeanour.

Let’s at least give this a try and stop trying to pretend we are better, cleverer, more powerful, more righteous or just more than anyone else. After all when the student is ready the teacher will appear (that doesn’t mean the teacher hasn’t been there all along just that he was waiting for the right question to be asked).