2016 and the race for the Whitehouse

by davebarclay1954

You know what scares me this year about the forthcoming USA POTUS election? The amount of foreign involvement in it. Trump urged the Russians to hack Clintons emails, they did. To publish said emails to damage her campaign, they haven’t found anything damning so haven’t done that, they have hacked the Democrat email server, passed these to Julian Assange who has published them on Wikileaks.

The last time someone used dirty tricks to win an election, the President was impeached, arrested and his VP had to publicly grant immunity from prosecution. This time round the election is still waiting for the country to decide who is going to become the most powerful person in the West.

Will America allow Russia to choose their next President? Seems very likely to me, that’s scary given the regime in Russia would rather spend on weapons than people, diversity is frowned on and people jailed for being different.

Given Trumps views on Russia he would likely do the same in the USA.