If we can share we can grow

by davebarclay1954

Recently, I’ve gained new followers and this isn’t just to those new followers but to everyone who is following this blog, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

A huge shout out in appreciation, I am so humbled to know so many have read, are reading, my humble sorry ass blog. The point I want to make with every post is that war and hate have failed to unite humanity so maybe it’s time to try peace and love instead.

In the immortal words (I read somewhere) it’s easy to love a friend, but if you can love your enemy and show him you are tired of fighting you may gain an extra special friend.

Is the world ready to truly Give Peace a Chance now? It’s what we need to allow our fellow humans to grow and develop. We should educate our children to perform as citizens (respect each other) and enjoy diversity, after all we’re all unique.