Time to go home again

by davebarclay1954

We’ve had a full few days in the Kingdom of Fife, including a visit to Edinburgh and Holyroodhouse Palace which is amazing and steeped in the history of both England and Scotland. The tour guide we had for the gardens, Andrew Buchanan, gave us a history lesson of the area, the Royal Menagerie and the Young Pretender (Bonnie Prince Charlie) as well as bringing us up to date with the return to the Palace of the Royal Family from Queen Victoria to our present Royal Family. Our Queen at 90, apparently, notices any changes made to the gardens and has also declared some areas be left for wildlife. I thought Prince Charles would have done that so was quite surprised when told it was his mother.

Then again, he must have been educated to believe in conservation, so really not a surprise if you think about it. The Duke of Edinburgh has never been one to hide his feelings either, so that’s another person who has taught Charles to speak out against wrong-doing to the environment.