What makes a man think he knows what women should wear?

by davebarclay1954

Practically every day this week I’ve read that this Indian politician or that Polynesian politician (always a man) say that women should cover up more to avoid being raped or sexually assaulted.

I’m a man and I think that the problem doesn’t lie with women but with men! We should be teaching our male offspring that women aren’t second class citizens, they are our equals and as such should be honoured and respected. If a woman goes out wearing only her underwear does this mean she is begging to be raped? No, it definitely doesn’t it only means that she is going somewhere that mode of dress is allowed.

We really need to educate our children that it is ok to wear whatever they want (as long as they maintain an air of decency and don’t wander out in public naked, unless they are naturists and the majority of people where they are follow the same principles).

If a man wants to wear a dress then who are we to say he can’t? I believe that even if a woman is naked she still has the right to be respected, treated with dignity and if she tells you to get lost then take the hint buster and do one. After all we have laws to protect everyone from harassment and we should all be prepared to do our bit to protect each other.

Similarly, if a woman is out walking with her friends, or alone, and sees someone she likes the look of then why shouldn’t she be the one to make the first move? I’ve had lots of relationships start with a woman giving me her number and asking me to call her. (I’ve never yet had a one night stand whether I’ve made the first move or not).

Ladies, if someone starts following you at night please think carefully before walking into a dark alley, stay where it’s lit and, if possible, try to alert someone to your predicament. I’ve walked people home because they would be going across a dark area or down a dark alley to ensure they would get home safely. I would hate to think I could have done something that easy for someone but didn’t and they ended up being raped or worse.

I don’t expect a good night kiss or sex for doing a good deed, after all I would hope someone would do the same for my baby girl if she was walking home late at night. The last time I did it I waited until the woman was safely indoors with the door closed before walking home myself. I wasn’t expecting anything apart from a thank you (which I did get).