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Month: June, 2016

Time to ask you for help

I’m having a really tough time at the moment with my wife, but think I should maybe put this out while asking for help to get the hell away from here. I have been noticing signs of OCD almost since we moved in together. After we were married she took control of the finances, dictates our sex life (usually non-existent), and that’s just the way it started.

She does things then blames me for doing it, when I point out it couldn’t have been me she tells me to grow a pair and take responsibility for my actions. She keeps me awake nights complaining that my breathing is keeping her awake so she’s not going to let me sleep. On Friday night my restless leg syndrome was worse than normal and she kept digging me in the small of my back telling me to stop jumping and let her sleep, knowing I couldn’t do this as its a reflex action which I can’t control. When I turned over she jumped out of bed went round behind me pulled the quilt and tried to force me out of bed. I refused to move so she thumped me in the small of my back again put the light on and went into the living room. About 20 minutes later she threw the bedroom door open got herself a blanket making as much noise as she could while doing it then threw the door open again before slamming it behind her.

All day yesterday she was slamming doors fighting for me to say something but I refused to be drawn into another argument, today silence but at least the doors are being closed rather than slammed shut. My nerves are shot, anxiety is through the roof and I’m in fear for my life but don’t want to leave and have to start again from scratch. It’s never easy living with her but now it’s becoming impossible and I really want to stay safe. I have no money for a deposit so private rent isn’t an option for me and the council need proof of 5 years rental before considering offering social housing.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen

I know it’s a cheek to quote Shakespeare for a title, however, we are all human beings and changes are speeding up because of technological advances. We should try to remember we are not alone. We share this planet and have the necessary wherewithal to protect and save if we can just get over our instinctive feelings of fear, hatred and bigotry.

To quote a line from Carry On Cleo “Infamy, infamy they’ve all got it in for me!” If we share what we have with those who haven’t we can end poverty, reliance on fossil fuels and hunger. Why isn’t this happening already? You know the answer, those who have don’t want to give anything away to their fellow travellers who haven’t. We can house and feed everyone without destroying forests which help us breathe and regulate atmospheric pressure. If we pool our resources we can reduce the waste in the deserts, planting fields of solar panels in these areas which get very little rain would generate more than enough electricity to keep the planet fossil fuel free, reducing carbon footprints and giving everyone access to renewables. Why won’t this happen in my lifetime? Because there is far too much distrust, bigotry and hatred that’s why. We would have to respect each other, end bigotry, hatred and war accept and welcome diversity. Then work together to move the generated solar power around the planet to power all the existing tech and all the innovative tech to come. Technology is making our lives better, easier and providing more technology is creating new jobs while removing others which can be done better by robots.

I don’t want to get on the AI debate since I don’t know enough to make a call in favour or against it. I will offer that autonomous cars, planes, ships and robots seem to be coming. What opportunities will be left open to us? The coming generations will they thank us for removing job opportunities in the service industries? Work that so few want to take up these days. Or will they welcome the opportunities for working with the technology to develop faster data gathering, data sorting and solving problems quickly and with less fuss? Will their come a time when people enjoy more downtime with the technology rather than working 24/7 until burnout? I would love to see a time when transport, food and power are shared with everyone, technology is used for peace and armies, navies and airforces are no longer required. When we can all receive the respect owed, when hatred and mistrust become things of the past our children’s children’s children read about in history and wonder why that lasted so long.

I respect you for taking the time to read this far, dear reader, please leave comments if you disagree with me as I merely write my views which I know some will share while others will disagree with me. Debate is healthy, dictatorships aren’t, so let’s please have health, family and friends in abundance and respect our uniqueness as well as others right to be unique. Thank you for visiting and I never claim to be right only different.

Brexit: Part 3

Yesterday my wife, and others, were trying to tell me I was wrong wanting to remain in the EU, it costs too much money and we’ll never be a part of the club. They’re all right in that if we don’t embrace a United Planet we’ll never have a United Planet. I want to see hatred, distrust and bigotry destroyed and a United Europe is the best chance we have. Why do you think that after centuries of fighting amongst ourselves and twice dragging the rest of the world into our conflict we’ve had (relative) peace since 1947?

Like all families we fight hardest and longest with those closest to us. A United Europe has been good for all of us, embrace it instead of fighting it. If all the NATO countries decided to club together for the common good I’d want to join that club. Removing borders and losing passports is a small price to pay for peace. Our PM was wrong when he refused to join the fledgling club just after the end of WWII. Since 1973 I have been European British and proud of it. We aren’t the nation which defeated Hitler and his National Socialist German Labour Party cronies any longer. The Empire has gone, we had our time but now we should embrace the world and join with our fellows to make sure this planet doesn’t destroy all life, or at least most life. Let’s face the facts together United, we can move mountains, separately isn’t an option any more.

Brexit? Anyone for Denise?

I find it hard to cope with the information overload we have had since the dawn of the internet. One thing I do know is that information can be manipulated to say whatever you want it to. I used to work in a Government office which dealt with statistics all the time and the thing was we could always make them tally with whichever position the MP wanted. Spin them this way and they showed an upswing in the economy spin them that and unemployment was rising.

Maybe that’s why I don’t believe politicians as I know they’re lying every time their mouths open and their lips move. We have a tough choice to make in just over two weeks, whether to remain in the EU or leave it behind and go it alone. I see companies arrive in this country and get EU and British hand outs to operate in this country, which they take as it reduces their overheads in the short term and allows them to become established in this country. We offer them a good choice of talent for their enterprise and are often a cheaper alternative to our neighbours in Europe. Should we vote to leave what will these employers do when 75% of their UK exports are going to Europe? Move their jobs to France, Italy or Germany that’s what.

Leaving the EU will cost us jobs, our NHS will be privatised, working times will be thrown out and we will find ourselves losing all the hard fought legislation brought in through the European Union. Would having a United States of Europe (with the UK at its heart) be such a bad thing? If we put as much effort into managing our European partners as they put into it then we would be treated differently, think about it for a minute, Nissan cars made in Sunderland find their way into Europe and the Middle East but the bulk end up in the EU. If we leave will Nissan maintain their venture here? Where exporting to the EU will cost them so much more than the loss of having to abide by the working time regulations in Europe? Of course not, they will move and cut their overheads. Don’t kid yourself that we can close our borders and stop people arriving. The truth is that with the wars in the Middle East more will arrive here illegally, and they are travelling with terrorists in their midst.

We won’t be able to stop that. Migrant EU workers already here will be told they have to leave and since a lot of companies are using Eastern Europeans as cheap labour since they work for less than the amounts demanded by British workers the companies employing them will also leave. Our economy will be destroyed, millions thrown out of work and not enough people working to maintain benefit payments to those out of work and of pension age. How long will the NHS survive with less funding available from an overstretched government like this one? Austerity measures like we haven’t seen will reduce this country to resemble the Germany of the 1920’s and early 1930’s. If you think we would never allow a Hitler to take over this country wait and see what mass unemployment and lack of money, work and food will do. We will go from a major power on the world stage to a 3rd world country within a very short period of time.

Is this scare mongering? No, because I’ve got nothing to gain and everything to lose same as everyone else. It looks as though the vote will be going to the wire as there is a 50/50 split at the moment.