by davebarclay1954

I hate to say this but reading Article 50 I don’t see how we can invoke it. The U.K. hasn’t got a constitution, aside from that we could end up the same as the Greeks. They voted to leave the EU and have threatened to do so ever since but have never invoked Article 50. As some may have noticed, our politicians (apart from Nigel) want to allow the dust to settle. We will end up with a new Prime Minister in October who won’t see 52% as a mandate to automatically invoke Article 50. Cameron would have done so already had the vote been more decisive. Nicola Sturgeon is right to look to Europe for guidance since Scotland voted 60-40 to stay, advising her intention to hold a second independence referendum should Article 50 be invoked in October. This could be the final nail in the coffin for Northern Ireland as well, although if they jumped ship and reunified with the South they would remain within the EU. What of London? Would they seek to become a city State like the Vatican in Rome? Then apply to rejoin the EU? Where would that leave the splintered and fragmented UK?

In truth whoever takes over the reigns come October will have a difficult time trying to please everyone who voted out while keeping the UK together. Not a job I would welcome, not an easy job to take on and not something I think will unify our position, but time will tell.

Why have so many ignorant racists come out of the woodwork since Friday? Because they voted out do they think we’re going to get rid of people who contribute to our economy and leave them to complain because there isn’t enough in the kitty to pay their benefits? I’d sooner see them kicked out into the Atlantic in a rust bucket with no chance of making it beyond the half way point. Not good, but brings a smile to my face. I like the diversity found in our cities, it makes life interesting. As anyone will know I’m in favour of opening our borders and letting anyone who wants to live here come in, as long as they understand they have to pay tax and NI for a minimum of 10 years before they would be entitled to any benefits, and no automatic right to social housing. If they come here to work then they will still come and welcome, if not they won’t come with no automatic entitlement to social housing and benefits.