A Cruel World

by davebarclay1954

While I agree with the poet, it’s time we changed the status quo. Stand up and be counted, I may be white but I’m never gonna be rich. I love everyone because I respect everyone, no matter who they are to you, to me they’re humans and deserving of love, life and our gratitude.

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This world only respects those who are white and rich
Everyone else, it tramples and makes them its bitch
In this school called life we take many classes
For some there are straight wins
For others it’s straight losses
That’s just how life goes
And we all just go with its flows

Take a look around the world with me
Let’s go round and round till it makes us dizzy
Here we are tossed to the left, there we are tossed to the right
A few bruises and scars,
Countless battles and wars
Yet our smiles always seems to beam like the brightest light

Go around the world with us
Swing around the world with us
Everyone is smiling at us
That’s because they’re laughing at us
Some of them try to be friends with us
But we know they’re only trying to play tricks on us
Lurking like vipers…

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