Laptop is dead long live the laptop

by davebarclay1954

Well, I’ve been back onto Tech support and my laptop is going back to them this week for a repair/replace but since it’s no longer powering on I don’t think a repair will work. Looks as though it will be replaced this time. I don’t understand what is going on with it though. My previous laptop is still working as my grandson uses it for his school work. That one came out of the Ark and was an original Pentium dual core from 2005, current laptop has a quad core i3 chip, new Motherboard and is less than 2 years old.

Looks as though 1965 will be getting a rewrite next week, if I can borrow a laptop to work on it while waiting to have mine returned. Things are never what they seem any more, war has been a constant since 9/11 and isn’t going to go anytime soon, although a lot of us want peace there are idiots like the un-Islamic State who quote religious tenets to promote violence when all the religious books I’ve read promote peace, tolerance and love. If we can convince the disenfranchised that truth will out and no virgins wait for suicide bombers in paradise because they will go to Hell where all killers go, then maybe we can find peace and spread love for all amongst everyone.