Time to ask you for help

by davebarclay1954

I’m having a really tough time at the moment with my wife, but think I should maybe put this out while asking for help to get the hell away from here. I have been noticing signs of OCD almost since we moved in together. After we were married she took control of the finances, dictates our sex life (usually non-existent), and that’s just the way it started.

She does things then blames me for doing it, when I point out it couldn’t have been me she tells me to grow a pair and take responsibility for my actions. She keeps me awake nights complaining that my breathing is keeping her awake so she’s not going to let me sleep. On Friday night my restless leg syndrome was worse than normal and she kept digging me in the small of my back telling me to stop jumping and let her sleep, knowing I couldn’t do this as its a reflex action which I can’t control. When I turned over she jumped out of bed went round behind me pulled the quilt and tried to force me out of bed. I refused to move so she thumped me in the small of my back again put the light on and went into the living room. About 20 minutes later she threw the bedroom door open got herself a blanket making as much noise as she could while doing it then threw the door open again before slamming it behind her.

All day yesterday she was slamming doors fighting for me to say something but I refused to be drawn into another argument, today silence but at least the doors are being closed rather than slammed shut. My nerves are shot, anxiety is through the roof and I’m in fear for my life but don’t want to leave and have to start again from scratch. It’s never easy living with her but now it’s becoming impossible and I really want to stay safe. I have no money for a deposit so private rent isn’t an option for me and the council need proof of 5 years rental before considering offering social housing.