Brexit: Part 3

by davebarclay1954

Yesterday my wife, and others, were trying to tell me I was wrong wanting to remain in the EU, it costs too much money and we’ll never be a part of the club. They’re all right in that if we don’t embrace a United Planet we’ll never have a United Planet. I want to see hatred, distrust and bigotry destroyed and a United Europe is the best chance we have. Why do you think that after centuries of fighting amongst ourselves and twice dragging the rest of the world into our conflict we’ve had (relative) peace since 1947?

Like all families we fight hardest and longest with those closest to us. A United Europe has been good for all of us, embrace it instead of fighting it. If all the NATO countries decided to club together for the common good I’d want to join that club. Removing borders and losing passports is a small price to pay for peace. Our PM was wrong when he refused to join the fledgling club just after the end of WWII. Since 1973 I have been European British and proud of it. We aren’t the nation which defeated Hitler and his National Socialist German Labour Party cronies any longer. The Empire has gone, we had our time but now we should embrace the world and join with our fellows to make sure this planet doesn’t destroy all life, or at least most life. Let’s face the facts together United, we can move mountains, separately isn’t an option any more.