Brexit? Anyone for Denise?

by davebarclay1954

I find it hard to cope with the information overload we have had since the dawn of the internet. One thing I do know is that information can be manipulated to say whatever you want it to. I used to work in a Government office which dealt with statistics all the time and the thing was we could always make them tally with whichever position the MP wanted. Spin them this way and they showed an upswing in the economy spin them that and unemployment was rising.

Maybe that’s why I don’t believe politicians as I know they’re lying every time their mouths open and their lips move. We have a tough choice to make in just over two weeks, whether to remain in the EU or leave it behind and go it alone. I see companies arrive in this country and get EU and British hand outs to operate in this country, which they take as it reduces their overheads in the short term and allows them to become established in this country. We offer them a good choice of talent for their enterprise and are often a cheaper alternative to our neighbours in Europe. Should we vote to leave what will these employers do when 75% of their UK exports are going to Europe? Move their jobs to France, Italy or Germany that’s what.

Leaving the EU will cost us jobs, our NHS will be privatised, working times will be thrown out and we will find ourselves losing all the hard fought legislation brought in through the European Union. Would having a United States of Europe (with the UK at its heart) be such a bad thing? If we put as much effort into managing our European partners as they put into it then we would be treated differently, think about it for a minute, Nissan cars made in Sunderland find their way into Europe and the Middle East but the bulk end up in the EU. If we leave will Nissan maintain their venture here? Where exporting to the EU will cost them so much more than the loss of having to abide by the working time regulations in Europe? Of course not, they will move and cut their overheads. Don’t kid yourself that we can close our borders and stop people arriving. The truth is that with the wars in the Middle East more will arrive here illegally, and they are travelling with terrorists in their midst.

We won’t be able to stop that. Migrant EU workers already here will be told they have to leave and since a lot of companies are using Eastern Europeans as cheap labour since they work for less than the amounts demanded by British workers the companies employing them will also leave. Our economy will be destroyed, millions thrown out of work and not enough people working to maintain benefit payments to those out of work and of pension age. How long will the NHS survive with less funding available from an overstretched government like this one? Austerity measures like we haven’t seen will reduce this country to resemble the Germany of the 1920’s and early 1930’s. If you think we would never allow a Hitler to take over this country wait and see what mass unemployment and lack of money, work and food will do. We will go from a major power on the world stage to a 3rd world country within a very short period of time.

Is this scare mongering? No, because I’ve got nothing to gain and everything to lose same as everyone else. It looks as though the vote will be going to the wire as there is a 50/50 split at the moment.