My views on the Brexit vote

by davebarclay1954

I don’t often dedicate this blog to political fights over what, when and where (liar) but with all the negativity surrounding the remain campaign I feel the time to speak out has arrived. Britain is having a referendum on whether or not to remain within the confines of a Europe which is becoming divisive, closing borders and threatening to splinter. Normally I keep my political feelings to myself, however, the time has come for the Nations of this United Kingdom to wake up and smell the roses, watch the sunrise and get to the heart of a changing world.

I believe that a United Europe is good for promoting peace, understanding and love throughout the world. People see nations without a common language pooling their resources for the good of all and are inspired. It’s time we realised we can be at the centre of a positive force for good (just as we achieved in 1914-18 and 1939-45) in a shrinking planet where nations strive to defeat terrorism together and are forming alliances we cannot afford to go it alone again. However, we should realise our importance to the growing world and European economies. If we leave Europe now we will find it increasingly difficult to support our ideals find a way forward as world leaders and influence the world stage.

Within a United Europe we should be pushing to make our voice heard above the bombs, press forward our advantage to a United Europe with a single currency put to bed forever. We are building a stronger relationship with our Allies in NATO let’s use this to build a stronger Europe with the United Kingdom at its heart. If a single currency is needed then why not throw the pound into the ring? It’s stronger than the Euro and the Dollar (all of them) widely accepted around the planet to buy and sell so let’s press our advantages within a United Europe to bring people together from different nations and work to defeat terrorism and terrorist organisations.