My continuing tale of a troubled mind

by davebarclay1954

I was hoping to have 1965 ready for publication this weekend but unfortunately I’m struggling with the writing of it at the moment. I would love to welcome some new readers to my humble blog, I write as and when I can find the time but do spend a lot of time reading the blogs of others, some post a lot, others not so much. I do like to read comments left either in reply to my comments or maybe just in response to one of my infrequent posts ๐Ÿ™‚

If I read a blog which I like then I will show my appreciation by using the like button. This doesn’t always work, but I do try to let the author know how much I appreciate them writing. If I’m moved to tears (joy or sadness) then I will add a comment. I never try to be unkind with anything I put on here, if anything I say does upset you then please let me know as that was never my intent. In the end, however, I’m not going to be able to please everyone all the time. If you don’t like my blog then you have a choice: you can leave and never come back (I hope you don’t).

You are the only censor, you can decide that you like my posts and follow, or that you don’t. I try to treat everyone equally regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or gender. As far as I’m concerned we can all get along, or not, but that choice is up to the individual. Random acts of kindness are always great, they make someone’s day brighter and you feel good knowing you helped out a fellow traveller. I am going on holiday next weekend for two weeks so will not be posting while I’m away. Hopefully I will be able to take lots of pictures this time around so I have something to share when I return.

To those who have been following me for quite some time, thank you for sticking around and let’s see how things pan out for us all from here on in. To those who have only recently started following my blog, thank you for stopping by, I hope you like what you’ve seen and remember it is always easier to do the wrong thing than the right thing but doing the right thing makes you feel better and spreads a little more love around.

Enjoy yourselves and I’ll catch up with you all as soon as I can, love and peace to all my followers and let’s spread some kindness around to make this planet a much safer and better place for all the children here and all those to come.