2016 the year we all became lost

by davebarclay1954

What is going on this year? So many good influential people have gone and it’s only April. The latest one to pass was even younger than me, Prince Rogers Nelson was 57 and he has died. The man who influenced the 80’s the same as David Jones (Bowie) influenced the 70’s both lost in the same year, Prince at 57 and David at 69. If I was Cher or Tina Turner I think I’d be getting worried about now. What has happened this year that we are losing so many great musicians and other celebrities? Is it just that there is more illness around or is there something sinister happening?

I’ll leave the conspiracy theorists to come up with how the Government is behind it all, truth is no-one knows why there are so many celebrities popping their clogs this year. Musicians, actors, producers, politicians (the good and the bad) seem to be dropping like flies and there is a virus loose in South America (Zika) which is causing babies to be born deformed. Is there a plot being hatched somewhere that no-one is revealing? No I think we have been warned that this was going to happen towards the end of the 20th century, but it must have been held up as it’s only arrived now in the 21st century.


Enjoy the maestro because this is what it sounds like when doves cry!