Adults as vampires really??

by davebarclay1954

Oh yes, Vlad the killing machine who threw his enemies onto poles hole first then watched them slide down and die slow and painful deaths. Vampires of the modern age are sexy, but the original tales were horrific and based on fact.
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grandpa munster

It really strikes me funny adults that pretend to be vampires. Why? I guess some think it is sexy. Although anyone seeing Bram Stokers Nosferatu wouldn’t have that as the first thing that came to mind.


I guess it was that Tween movie twilight that started the rage and now they are all older and don’t want to let go of their childhood. Just seems awfully silly to me. Besides the bloody legends that led up to Bram Stokers story really don’t seem the thing of child playthings. Dracula, Vlad the impaler was a worse murderer than we have ever seen in this age. The truth though was he was trying to protect his people from invaders. Some in Romania still think of him as a hero. So when you middle aged vampiresses and vampires put in your plastic teeth I hope you give a thought to he who started…

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