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Month: February, 2016

My annual Valentine’s Day BC (Before Children) vs AD (After Delivery) #SundayBlogShare

Wonderful witty way to start Valentine’s Day with a smile.

Barb Taub

While I’m on the road this month, here is a repeat from Valentine’s Day past. Happy Valentine’s Day and wishing you much chocolate!


Back in the BC era (Before Children), I considered myself a reasonably cultured person.

  • Books? I bought them in hardbound so I’d be early enough to disagree with the review in the New York Times
  • Movies?I saw them before Siskel & Ebert.

(Barb’s Guide to Films: if the characters kiss a lot, have sex, and then kill each other, it’s American. If the characters smoke a lot, have sex, and then kill themselves, it’s foreign.)

  • Music? I once sat through an entire performance of Nixon in China. On purpose.
  • Food?I ate pasta before they stopped calling it spaghetti. Even before you could get squid-ink pasta with arugula oil at the Jewel.
  • News and Current Events? I cared about who won the Booker Prize…

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Forbidden Fruit

Enjoy this post but remember to leave your comments on the original post and not this reblog, thank you for reading.

Valentyne Dreams

Little secrets that run along edges of
sighs and wings of silk that enfold
intimate longings of forbidden reality
slip through my mind as the caress
of You brings goosebumps to my flesh.
The spiral descent of blood through
my veins as I slowly kneel before You
with overflowing love dripping from
my veins. My hands were crafted for
the Divine purpose of touching Your
form, my lips engraved to sear You with
passionate kisses that blaze stardust
trails across the landscape of Your body.
I cannot find the words to express myself
gently, so I lock my gaze with Yours to
silently convey the encyclical in my thoughts:
‘Forgive me for tasting Your forbidden fruit,
I seek absolution through the crescendo of
our communion.’

How can it be a sin to Worship the vessel
that brought me to shipwreck?

  • Valentyna Holloway ©

Kitty Shipwreck2

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The Single Guy and the Cat’s Pajamas

I’m looking forward to the follow up “I’m the only dude” party. Please post comments against the original post and not just here, thanks

The Confusing Middle

The Single Guy and the Cat's Pajamas - BirthdayHave you ever been to a birthday party for a cat? Well, I have. Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me. It was awesome. I mean, it’s not like there was a Velcro wall or anything, but it was a good time. And who decided you need to have a Velcro wall at your party for it to be a good party? Where is that written?

Yeah, it’s a little ridiculous. And my friend (the one who threw a birthday party for her cat) was aware that it was ridiculous. She even admitted as much in her e-vite. It’s nice to have an excuse to party. During cold and flu season, we could have a “Somebody Sneezed” party. But why wait when we could have a “Day That Ends in Y” party pretty much whenever.

It’s good to be a little liberal with our reasons to get together and…

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Depression makes me a burden

Yes we are a burden to ourselves but it’s one of the hardest places to leave. I’m not talking about feeling down and neither is the original. Please don’t leave comments here, leave them on the original post and show you care about those of us who have mental issues.

Dearest Someone,

My experience of mental illness is something that I, at times, just cannot understand. Depression sucks, it sucks the life out of me. At times depression feels like I’m wearing some weird pair of goggles that only allows me to view life from a perspective that’s pretty rubbish. Everyone and everything is out to get me. Nobody actually likes me and, nobody would care, or does care, when things aren’t going so well. I feel sick to my stomach, and hate everything… I hate food, I hate showering, I hate sleep, I hate music, I hate people, I hate animals, I hate nice weather, I hate bad weather, I hate mess, I hate tidiness, I hate life. Nothing changes, nothing will change, and no matter how hard I try things that I want to disappear just won’t. No amount of food, self-hate, alcohol, crying, thinking or just simply ‘living’ will make…

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