Tabula rasa

by davebarclay1954

Another beautiful poem from a blog newly found. If you enjoy reading it, as I did, please leave comments against the original post and not here. Thank you dear reader.

Everything I Never Told You


I always notice the dreamlike quality of
clouds, their soft layers of hazy beauty.

I often see daisies in dry bones.

I dance with skeletons, ignoring the witch’s

I stick my hand in the boiling
cauldron and call it comfort.

I pay no attention to the clock’s
incessant noise.

I’ve repeated your name so many times
it sounds like an incantation.

When do I stop hoping?

When does your name mean

Do you remember dictionary?

I pile on the words trying to
reach your table.

For one moment, I grasp the surface
just as my chair folds but refuses
to collapse.

I pick up syntax from the ground.
Your form takes shape on the paper
only as you are walking away.

-Tosha Michelle

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