Not a continuation of my story

by davebarclay1954

Why is racism still an issue in the states? There are so many things written pointing to racist behaviour, not least the number of black unarmed young men being gunned down and killed by cops. Barack is not to blame for this, he has no control over the use of deadly force within police forces up and down the US. The fact that race is being made a scapegoat for violence and death by cop is proving that Martin Luther King day means nothing. Black history month is desperately needed to show how oppressed black people are still in the USA.

We have a lesser racist history here in the UK but nevertheless it still exists today. Why is that still true of so much of the civilised world? The answer won’t be found here as I don’t know the reasons for it. I’m just pleased that my mum was a radical for her time and passed her beliefs onto me. My dads family were openly racist and my mum told me not to believe they were right in their thinking but to think for myself.

If someone were to ask me about my friends and whether they were black or white, my only answer would be that yes I do have friends and yes they’re human but colour unknown. After all why would I have friends who care about skin colour when I don’t? Racist behaviour knows no colour so why should I.