Can You Be Single Yet Happy? — Dating Tips and Advice

by davebarclay1954

Love this for so many reasons, not least because racism isn’t in there anywhere. Please leave comments on the original post as I’m only the messenger, thank you.

Black And White Dating

Do these words “Single and happy” sound like a bit of a paradox to you? Are you of the opinion that singles can not be happy? Are you postponing decisions in life only with the by-line, after I am married and settled?

Do you often feel that fun and enjoyment in life can not be fully appreciated unless you have someone to share it with? And do you always think that there is never enough time and monetary resources for a single person, to pursue any experience which bring true happiness ?

If these are your inner gut feel, not to lose hope. Go through the following tips to appreciate your present status in a different perspective. It is possible, through a lot of behavioral changes. The tips highlight how to lead a carefree, fun-filled and balanced existence as a single person, which in turn also paves the path…

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