Forbidden Fruit

by davebarclay1954

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Valentyne Dreams

Little secrets that run along edges of
sighs and wings of silk that enfold
intimate longings of forbidden reality
slip through my mind as the caress
of You brings goosebumps to my flesh.
The spiral descent of blood through
my veins as I slowly kneel before You
with overflowing love dripping from
my veins. My hands were crafted for
the Divine purpose of touching Your
form, my lips engraved to sear You with
passionate kisses that blaze stardust
trails across the landscape of Your body.
I cannot find the words to express myself
gently, so I lock my gaze with Yours to
silently convey the encyclical in my thoughts:
‘Forgive me for tasting Your forbidden fruit,
I seek absolution through the crescendo of
our communion.’

How can it be a sin to Worship the vessel
that brought me to shipwreck?

  • Valentyna Holloway ©

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