The Single Guy and the Cat’s Pajamas

I’m looking forward to the follow up “I’m the only dude” party. Please post comments against the original post and not just here, thanks

The Confusing Middle

The Single Guy and the Cat's Pajamas - BirthdayHave you ever been to a birthday party for a cat? Well, I have. Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me. It was awesome. I mean, it’s not like there was a Velcro wall or anything, but it was a good time. And who decided you need to have a Velcro wall at your party for it to be a good party? Where is that written?

Yeah, it’s a little ridiculous. And my friend (the one who threw a birthday party for her cat) was aware that it was ridiculous. She even admitted as much in her e-vite. It’s nice to have an excuse to party. During cold and flu season, we could have a “Somebody Sneezed” party. But why wait when we could have a “Day That Ends in Y” party pretty much whenever.

It’s good to be a little liberal with our reasons to get together and…

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