#1LinerWeds from Lawrence Block (#JusJoJan)

by davebarclay1954

Only early if read early. Bang on time here 😃

The Sound of One Hand Typing

Those of us who are driven to produce great quantities of manuscript don’t necessarily get any real pleasure out of the act. It’s just that we feel worse when we don’t write.

Lawrence Block

So, I saw the word Linda picked for Just Jot It January, mendaciloquent, and I said, “What the…?” So I went to the Grandiloquent Dictionary and learned that it means “able to tell artful or skilled lies.” And I immediately thought of Lawrence Block, who, in addition to having written more than a hundred novels and many short stories, has written a few books on writing, one of which is Telling Lies For Fun And Profit: A Manual For Fiction Writers.

I know that most of you are fiction writers, or have tried writing fiction in the past, and are always in the market for writing books. This is one of my favorites…

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