So close to Xmas

by davebarclay1954

I know Muslims don’t celebrate the birth of Christ, but if they come to a country which does then they should respect the traditions of their hosts. At this time of year we hear stories of people being told to remove their decorations as it goes against the teaching of Islam. So sorry people but if you feel threatened by our traditions feel free to return to Syria, Iraq or wherever you came from. You need us more than we need you.

The reason for that first paragraph is simple, I know a few Muslims who are grateful to be here, able to work and able to make a peaceful life for themselves here. They’re not critical of our traditions, they don’t celebrate themselves and offer no opinions about our celebration of a pagan festival in the name of Christianity. This is as it should be, disparate people getting along no comments about the differing beliefs because we’re all human. Respect for the different cultures that make up our modern multicultural society, everyone tolerant of others beliefs and the right to have them.

It seems to me wrong for Donald Trump to close the borders because 1% of Muslims want to radicalise the 99% of tolerant law abiding citizens the rest of the Muslims are. Do we condemn all white Americans because a few in the Southern States want a return of the slave trade? I don’t think so! Our brothers and sisters are here for the same reasons we are. Let’s learn from the past and share love especially at this wonderful time of the year. We’re all different but let’s embrace those differences and spread love around, in the words of the song broadcast live by Satellite all those years ago: All You Need is Love. Love can conquer all, even the hardest of hardliners can be moved by love. Thank you for reading, have a wonderful time regardless of your religious beliefs and enjoy the lights, sights, sounds and smells of this Holiday season.