A Walk To Remember

by davebarclay1954

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Piyusha Vir

I hate exercise – of any kind. Except if you play some great dance numbers, and we go for mindless jiving and jumping, doing which I would surely resemble something like a cross between a monkey on hot bricks and a drunken woman in a crazy trance.
But today, the post-Diwali fatigue not withstanding, I had resolved to get out of my work space (which had been my home for a straight 18 hours), and give my eyes a rest and my legs some extra work. After much cajoling to self, and more reprimands from Mother, I finally did dress up in my sporty best and stepped out into the open air; equipped with my phone and earplugs to give me a musical respite during my ardous evening walk.
There is a park close by, flanked by buildings on three sides – a block of apartments on two sides, and a commercial market…

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