Xmas 2015

by davebarclay1954

Last night I went out with a few colleagues from work, I knew them by sight and some have been teaching me my new role. It was an opportunity to get to know some of them better and learn the names of those I knew by sight. A good night out turned into a great night as the alcohol loosened up the inhibitions (I was one of the few sober ones when we ate, and the only one left by 9pm). I decided to leave as my wife seemed really down being home alone. The night was terrific but the downside was that 2 of the group were leaving (or in one case had already left) but it really helped getting to know everyone outside work.

The reason I’m sharing that bit above, I had a job before where the manager would take “newbs” around to introduce them to the team on day 1 and leave us to our own devices as far as getting to know people we came into contact with on a daily basis. Other managers would actively build the team by having regular nights out, drinks and a meal, so that the team members had a chance to bond. The current situation I’m in at work is not the one I’d have chosen. My manager introduced me to 1 person and left me (a social misfit with paranoia and anxiety) to introduce myself around. Not the best introduction to a team of around 50 people. Hence my reason for accepting the invitation for last night. A few of the team I could handle, more turned up than I expected (another reason why I left early) but they all made me feel welcome.

Would I have stayed longer if I knew them better? Who knows, I would have stayed later had my wife not been ill regardless, although I did want to stay longer after I left. Who can say whether I will still be there next year to have another Xmas night out with those same 10 people?