A Poem – “The Definition of Me”

by davebarclay1954

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Breaking Sarah - Bruised, Not Broken

How does one define oneself?

“Who am I?” is not a simple question.

Am I the little girl in my memory,

the one damaged by human hands,

forced to grow up too soon?

Am I the lonely and insecure teen,

just wanting to be accepted,

only to be teased and shunned?

Am I the hopeful young woman,

trying to find her place in the world,

only to find that nothing seemed to fit?

Am I the hurting, estranged mother,

searching for truth and meaning

in the abundant silence left by her child?

Or am I the middle-aged woman I am today,

finally learning to accept herself,

realizing she has worth after all?

In reality, I am all these individuals,

each adding to the person I have become.

So what is the definition of me?

I am human, and I am ever-changing.

The rest is up to me.

© Sarah S.

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