Thought for Saturday 

by davebarclay1954

Has anyone else found English funny? For instance rush hour, a two hour period twice a day when nothing moves very quickly. Or the old saying “button up your coat”. Most of us start at the top and button down. Or when gran used to say “don’t sit in your coat or you won’t feel the benefit outside”.

Where did these sayings originate? Did they ever mean what they sounded like, ever? I loved the view of Edison when asked why he’d wasted so much time on inventions which didn’t work. He was of the opinion that these were steps on the creative path, as such the time wasn’t wasted as he was getting closer to his goal with every step he took. Spin things a little differently and we can view everything as a step in the right direction towards an ultimate goal. Now that I have seen that I can start getting myself into the game so I don’t see myself as falling fast down a hole picking up speed and momentum as I fall.

We’re only here for a brief time to learn and we really have to learn to live together so we get on and help each other. That way our times on this rock will be profitable and help us to reach our ultimate goal which is to become a spiritual entity with no corporeal body.