The Great Living Wage Robbery | By @TellMeTheEnemy

by davebarclay1954

Not only does this make sense it shows the Tory government is out of touch with sensible economic principles. If you take 2 people who are out of work with limited spending power and increasing costs they buy less and therefore contribute less tax revenue. Give one of them a job digging holes to increase his spending power and look at the tax revenue he will contribute, pay the other to fill these holes in and you have doubled the tax revenue, increased demand means supply has to increase therefore the more money the poorest have the more demand the better chance to get the economy growing again.


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“Cutting welfare spending is not the way to cut the budget deficit”

Saturday’s Daily Telegraph featured a piece Chancellor George Osborne and Minister of State for Employment Priti Patel, defending the government’s cuts to tax credits – “There’s no alternative to our tax credit cuts

Writing for The Telegraph – ever the beacon for affluent selfishness – is an odd choice, because they’re probably preaching to the converted; nevertheless, let’s have a look at a few gems from yesterday’s attempt at justifying this inequality-increasing decision.

After some regurgitation of the 4% of global GDP / 7% of global welfare spending statistics (irrelevant) we have the statement that:

“In the last parliament, we made important progress to bring the unsustainable bill for working-age welfare under control, introducing a benefits cap…

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