Thursday 8 October

by davebarclay1954

What a difference a day makes. My wife had a day out first to Disney on ice at the Metro Arena and then to see the Ladyboys at Time Square and thoroughly enjoyed herself. Makes a change for her to go out anywhere and I’m just pleased she enjoyed herself. It’s been a hectic 4 weeks since she was diagnosed with diabetes and all the needles that that involves, as well as tablet taking, watching what she eats and drinks. Not been easy living with her and seeing how upset and anxious she can get when asking if she can have something she loves to eat and being told no as it contains too much sugar.

I’m not much help as I’m out at work when she gets up and then come in absolutely knackered at night. She will be going back to work once the panic attacks stop (sooner the better as her blood sugar increases with each one which isn’t good). Anyway, I’ve enjoyed listening to music today and just generally chillaxing at home. My friend came to visit and we caught up as it’s been a while since we last met up although we talk once in a while on the phone.

Work tomorrow so I better get off to bed, will write more over the weekend if I can.