Just A Small Change : No More Television

by davebarclay1954

Inspirational and so hard… Or is it?

Just A Small Change

I have been a bit experimental with what forms a regular part of my daily life. The Most Recent of the same has been my decision to stop watching Television. I’m already off with my newspaper subscriptions too. My satellite television connection is now unsubscribed for more than 3 Months.

I’d not thought that even this small a change would require so much courage to stand this socially. I’ve had advices from all friends on the reconnecting to Television as if the whole life is happening there.

Inspiration for disconnecting came from various sources. I’m not even coming from the most obvious and most discussed ones to count are health hazards  – Eye Sight and watching postures or television addictions or lethargy it brings. Whatever you do

There are more concerning and convincing reasons to me.

My Days have improved. I wake up no ‘Gyaan’ coming from any Babaji…

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