One-Minute Book Reviews, vol. 11

by davebarclay1954

Interesting book reviews, Townshend is one of my heroes and is the reason for this reblog. H.P. Lovecraft isn’t easy to fathom and although I’ve never read this book, the summation of Lovecraft echoes my impression. Comments should be posted on the original not this copy.

brainsnorts inc.

Hey howdy hey!  I’ll warn you up front, the first review has somewhat of a spoiler.  It’s not that I tell you what happens but more like what doesn’t happen.  In this month’s lineup, two are really good, but two are not so good, and one is okay as long as you can accept a suspense story that never really explains what the suspense is all about.  Oh well.  Read and learn.

Bird Box18498558
By Josh Malerman (2014)

Have I mentioned that I’m tired of post-apocalyptic stories?  I think so.  Have I pointed out being annoyed by first-person present tense?  Pretty sure. So why would I read Bird Box if it’s both and more that I don’t like?  Because my kid, who reads more than most people I know, enjoyed it.  Good enough reason for me.  Unfortunately, as close as I was to enjoying it, Bird Box falls short in the…

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