Cyprus In The Sun

by davebarclay1954

We arrived in Cyprus at 22:00 on Saturday but by the time we picked up the luggage up, found the rep and left the airport it was after 23:00. We were dropped off at the hotel just before midnight but by the time we checked in, found the room unpacked and went to bed it was almost time to get up for breakfast before the welcome chat with our local rep.

The hotel is in 2 parts, the other part has a restaurant for all meals, rooms and a huge pool with a small kids pool, our part contains apartments, a smaller pool and another kids pool. It also houses the Lollo and Bernie children’s club, where the grandchildren have spent many hours in safe hands. There are 2 bars near the pools where drinks are served during the day, the one by the big pool serves snacks as well. This and the one by our pool close at 17:30 every day which leaves the other bar open until 23:00 for drinks, as it’s right by the entertainment. There are a lot of shops nearby selling “cheap tat” for souvenirs and presents for those left at home.

We went on 3 excursions, first to Nicosia, a city divided since the occupation by Turkish forces in 1974, but the history and shops make it a pleasant day out. The next trip was on the original red bus, we went to the Northern part of Cyprus to visit the town of Famagusta. First we went inside the ancient walled city and saw what life was like when the Ottoman Empire held the city under siege. We then went to an old deserted suburb of Famagusta which hasn’t changed since the 1974 invasion. It’s been left as it was, deserted with clothes in wardrobes, cars on showroom forecourts and washing on lines.

We visited the beach and walked as far as possible to the “ghost town” where binoculars were provided so we could see the devastation to the hotels and one or two Turkish service personnel with their families on the otherwise deserted beach. Both of these were well worth the money paid for the days out. However, today we visited a market (a flea pit of a dive) and the Camel Park. We were led to believe the fee paid included a camel ride (it didn’t) and the market provided reasonable value for money (it didn’t either). A very disappointing day for all concerned.

Hope you like the pics, if you visit this wonderful island in the Mediterranean Sea, the Original Red Bus with English guide and driver is highly recommended. Beware of the Russian imitation bus.

31 August can’t wait to get home now for a good nights sleep, the bed here is lumpy and uncomfortable as is the sofa. After more than a week tossing and wakeful it’s going to be good to sleep. Two more sleeps and then back home and this can get posted without any pics which will follow later.

1 September and one more uncomfortable night before travelling home tomorrow, pick up is at 10:30 local time and the countdown has begun. The holiday has been good for recharging the batteries but time for a good nights sleep is upon us all, children included.

2 September home again, tired and ready for bed, enjoyed the break now time to get sorted and ready to get back to work on Monday.